Maintenance & Shutdown Services

Maintenance & Shutdown Services

Provision of essential services to heavy industry in the management of maintenance and shutdown programs

"TP Engineering" has been involved in many projects related to the preparation, planning and scheduling of shutdowns and maintenance activities of industrial enterprises using our own unique planning system.

The uniqueness of our system is “the planning from the bottom to the top” principle based on engineering information , required for  safe and efficient solutions of the maintenance tasks (for the maintenance task to be performed safely and efficiently).

This information includes:

  • Location of maintenance implementation;
  • List of equipment in need of maintenance;
  • Maintenance time;
  • Written instructions that shall be used;
  • Which documents are needed (descriptions, instructions, drawings, spare part catalogues);
  • Tools and measurement instruments to be used;
  • Any necessary handling and transport equipment to be used;
  • Expected spare parts to be used;
  • Number of qualified workers (including contractors);
  • Any special safety rules to follow;
  • A list of contact persons from the customer for getting work permits.
Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Our services

  • Asset Strategy Management
  • RAM Analysis
  • Maintenance Strategy Development
  • Maintenance Strategy Optimization
  • Master Data Development
  • Availability and Capacity Analysis
  • Spare Parts Analysis
  • Life Cycle Costing (LCC) Analysis
  • Asset Investment Planning & Management
  • Defect Elimination
  • Mentoring & Support

Our methodologies

  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
  • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  • Effect and Criticality (FMECA)
  • Task Based Maintenance (TBM) Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis

Our projects

  • Maintenance Strategy Optimization                       LUKOIL NNOS
  • RCM development and implementation, based on SAP PM, SAP WM      LUKOIL PNOS
  • RCM Development and implementation, based on SAP PM, SAP WM      LTS
  • Maintenance Strategy Development TP.AIM, SAP PM                eCity Group, Litva
  • SLDAR Monitoring                            ORLEN Litva
  • SLDAR Monitoring                               TP Europe B.V.
  • SAP PM, SAP WM Optimization                                   LUKOIL PETROTEL
  • RCM Development and implementation,based on SAP PM               LUKOIL VNP
  • SAP PM Reengineering and implementation RCM                 LUKOIL NNOS
  • ECM Reengineering for SAP solutions.                                     Salym Petroleum Development
  • RBI Implementation                             ORLEN Litva
  • SLDAR Monitoring                             Enagas, S.A.
  • SAP MM Development and implementation (MIN-MAX methodology)        ORLEN Litva
Shutdown Management

Shutdown Management

Successful shutdowns or turnarounds require careful planning to achieve the least amount of production downtime. We focus on meticulous planning and extensive collaboration across workforce disciplines to plan shorter but attainable project schedules.

  • Offers safety excellence
  • Allows shorter planned shutdowns
  • Leads to higher plant utilization
  • Includes how-to documentation and a shutdown plan for your company-your blueprints for a successful shutdown

Our planning system creates a how-to set of documents that help you achieve a shorter shutdown or turnaround and more efficient execution with your contractors.

Our system consists of:

  • Work breakdown structure
  • Dynamic shutdown schedule
  • Quality management plan
  • Risk mitigation plan
  • Safety management plan
  • Communication management plan
  • Resource plan
  • Activity work plans for all of the major tasks

Depending on the scope and complexity of the shutdown or turnaround project, we begin planning several months in advance. Planning consists of work at your site and at our offices. Our planning and asset maintenance experts meet and work with your project team and the construction contractors that you select to optimize and agree on the plan and schedule. At the completion of the planning phase, you and your contractors will have a comprehensive understanding of the agreed shutdown plan as well as all necessary documents to manage and execute the project.

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